Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Card Designs

I have made several cards for companies thru Pink Light.
These are from Invitations by Dawn

Pink Light Design

I've been working with Pink Light Design for a couple of years now and we show at Surtex and CHA. Here is the link to my artist page.

Lullaby Baby Collection

My Lullaby Baby Collection was turned into a fabric collection by Anthology Fabrics.

True Up a blog about fabric posted my collection on their website.

Another company made boxes with the Lullaby Collection on them. The colors on the boxes here are truer to the original color I made the collection with. Anthology wanted nuetral colors for baby boy and girl.


Here are some more papers I designed for DCWV.

These are wall decals I created for DCWV Home. Sometimes we had to help in other departments

Our adds were usually placed in scrapbook magazines such as Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbooks Etc.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Of course I had to do it too...

We just recently moved, 2 months ago, and as we were clearing boxes out of a room one Saturday my husband stated that I needed to start hanging up pictures. So I threw this together. Literally just randomly put pictures around the quote with mismatched frames and all. There's nothing wrong about mismatching. It's kinda nice and refreshing to not have all the frames match. So here you are, even with a letter P! Just like the rest of them you see all over the internet. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lady Couture & Collage Musings Layouts




Here is a layout that Erin posted on the DCWV Diary blog of two of my last stacks I made for DCWV before I left. Aren't they cute?!?! I like the flag she made out of the houndstooth paper.

*Photo Credits: Lady Couture, Collage Musings

Monday, October 10, 2011

French Inspired! Still...

Have I posted about this blog before? I think I have. But I'm going to do it again since its one of my favs and they have good photos. My goto blog for party ideas is... Hostess with the Mostess. I love Europe and need to see more of it!!! And one of the places I would like to go see in Europe is France. Recently I've had this fascination with France. I want to learn the language, want to visit, ...maybe live there. ;) And I've noticed, or maybe its just me, a lot of Eiffel towers around in designs or used in home decorating. So here is some inspiration for design. I love the black lace all around.

*Photo Credits: Hostess with the Mostess

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Emily Falconbridge taught our felting class at Spark last year. I absolutely loved, loved, loved this class. Had so much fun. Its easy to do, just takes time. All you need is the Felting Wool, soapy water (we used dish soap), bubble wrap, and a towel (cause you'll get wet). Emily has how-to's on her blog. 

I made this scarf at spark and then with my leftovers made the bracelet and earrings at home.

*Photo credits: Soapy water, Felting Wool.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If I had dreadlocks I'd buy this...

I love the idea of this. In fact, I just might find a way to do this without the dreads. Oh, the ideas! Here's the etsy site!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Here is a new website that I love. A friend invited me to it and I am so glad she did! I am just getting started, so I don't have much trend boards. But am working on it a little at a time. I could spend all day doing this. As a designer this website is a great new tool. I use it to save color palates and designs in general. Instead of having a billion picts to go through on my computer, now I have a place to put them all online, share with my friends the things and trends I see, and visa versa.

Monday, July 11, 2011


One day while I was unloading photos off my camera I found these surprise picts. So cute to see the world through my daughters eyes. Goes to show that anyone can take good photos. And that everyone has their own style of taking photos. There are a lot of blurry ones, but I like to see them in their series, and the blurry ones are just as cute. One day when we get all unpacked (moving to Cali soon) I will find one of our old digital cameras and give it to her. Every now and then I will give her the camera to see what she comes up with. The picts are just so fun to see.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My New Project

Here is a preview of a new project I've just started. It turns out I chose too many patterns. I was like a kid in a candy store - wanted a little bit of everything. Sooooo...this will probably turn into 3 projects. The one I started with is a quilt. It will be my 1st ever, but I'm loving the fabrics and think it will turn out great. The question is, what size should I make it? I want to make it for my new little baby, and if I do, I don't want it to be just baby size. I want her to use it down the road. BUT, I've been very tempted to see if it will sell on Etsy. I am just asking myself, do I want to keep quilting. That is the real question.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ahhhhh......My Most Favorite Thing

Here are some pics of me in my horseback riding days. I say that since I haven't ridden in years, cause its a very expensive habit. Please tell the hubby that he needs to make the money to support my habit. I have always loved horses. Yes it's probably is a girl thing. If there is a horse around, I'm the one usually staring at it. I think its in my blood.

The horse I am riding is Bachelor. He was my favorite (not because of the name) but because you would guide him to any fence and he would almost always go over it. I hated the horses who would put the brakes on you in front of the fence. He did get really mad at me one time and instead of braking after a jump he just took off with me on his back. I pulled the reins and he went faster. I was a little confused at 1st and my instructor just said ride it out. I guess it was just a bad day for him. So off we went galloping full speed around the arena till he cooled off. Needless to say, I kinda had fun going so fast.

I had another favorite horse to ride at the school I went to, her name was Gypsy. She was such a cute little grey horse. So soft and had a mane that stuck straight up like a zebra. Maybe she was part zebra since she was so short. But she was soooo fun to ride, she was like a little sports car. She's the only horse that could zip around a corner really fast. And she also would usually jump over a fence. Too bad I don't have pics of her.

I've ridden Western and English style. I was scared to start riding on an English saddle, the ones without a horn to hold on to for dear life. But my mom started me riding English when I turned 16 and I thought I needed to be brave. Well, it was a good thing because I loved jumping. Its such a thrill. And yes, even though I rode everyday and jumped almost as much, the higher the jump the more intimidating. You have to have a lot of faith in your horse.

Leave it to me talking about horses to make this my longest post I've ever posted. :) I will try to be better.